A substantial meal in a box served from the truck window when you want it wherever you are.

Choose three options for your guests to choose ahead of time.

20-25$ per person.

Fifty guests minimum, please.

*pricing does not include HST or gratuity*


Some options

beef brisket with tomato salad, slaw, mac and cheese egg roll and bbq sauce

wood fired chicken with leafy greens, roasted potatoes and chimichurri

miso cured salmon with sushi rice and greens, pickled carrots and cucumber, crunchy onions and spicy mayo

roasted squash mole with rice and beans, guacamole and crisp tortilla

mojo pork shoulder with rice, beans, slaw and chicharronnes

garlic lemon chicken breast with grain and lentil salad, herbs and greens, dukka and tahini dressing (sub chickpea patty for chicken)

fried fish with green salad, slow cooked potato chips and remoulade

char siu pork with chow mein, fried greens, ginger soy dressing crisp wonton and ginger scallion sauce

Dana's veggie pate with chickpea salad, green and herb salad and slaw

fried chicken with tomato, lardon, arugula and ranch sauce

bbq beef brisket with crispy fries, kimchi and scallion sauce