Ottawa Dressage Festival May 17-20

Lunch Boxes
Dressed salad greens, Crunchy vegetable slaw, vinaigrette potato salad and chimichurri sauce
Boxes are topped with your choice of:
Fried chicken (15$)
Chickpea and vegetable fritters (15$)
Seared Albacore tuna (24$)
Seared flank steak (24$)
Brisket fries:
 braised beef brisket with jalapeno cheese sauce, pickled onions and chimichurri sauce
Curry fries:
Chana dal, coconut curry and cilantro chutney (meat and dairy free)


all tacos (soft corn tortilla) come loaded with salsa, slaw and lime crema

Chili braised chicken, shredded pork, beef brisket, fried chicken, deep fried pickle and cheese, squash and pinto bean, pasilla lentil

5$/taco 3, for 12$

Mercury Filmworks May 16

Walnut flax burger with smoked onion jam and garlic thyme aioli 11

Fried chicken salad with greens, crunchy vegetable slaw, potato salad and chimichurri 15

Chickpea vegetable fritters with greens, slaw, potato salad and cilantro chutney 15

Brisket fries: beef brisket, jalapeno cheese sauce, pickled onions and chimichurri 13

Curry fries: chana dal, coconut curry, cilantro chutney 12


Mercury Filmworks Wednesday May 9 and Kaffe 1870 Thursday May 10


Beef brisket with pickled onion and chimichurri 12

Walnut flax burger with smoked onion jam and garlic thyme aioli 11

(add some salad and potato sticks for 3)


Fried chicken with leafy greens, slaw, tomato salad and chimichurri 15

Chickpea fritters with lentil and grain salad, leafy greens and tahini sauce 15

(either of the above as a wrap, on its own 12)

Chicken fries: shredded chicken, spicy cheese sauce, pickled onions and crispy chicken skin 13

Brisket fries: braised beef brisket, spicy cheese sauce, pickled onions, bbq sauce 13

Ottawa International Writer's Festival April 26-May 1

Dash will be setting up in the festival cafe at Christ Church Cathedral (414 Sparks Street)


Pinto bean and cheese enchilada with salsa and crema

Zucchini fritters with tomato salad and vegetable rice


Mushroom rosemary tart with arugula salad

Roasted squash mole with coleslaw, salsa and crisp tortilla


Artichoke and zucchini with pasta, greens and olive vinaigrette

Rice and lentil salad with chickpea fritter and tahini lemon sauce


Chow mein noodles with greens, tofu puffs and sesame scallion sauce

Asparagus and gruyere quiche with frisé and shallot vinaigrette


Vegetable paté, green and herb salad and crunchy slaw

Lentil torta with oven dried tomato salad


Roasted vegetable lasagna with garlic bread and ceasar salad

Stuffed burrito with salsa and guacamole

Available every night:

Walnut Flax Burger with smoked onion jam and garlic thyme aioli (eggless)

comes with soup and/or salad