Small plates are a great way to feed a crowd. Casual and fun with lots of colour and flavours.

3 choices for 18$ per person, 4 for 24$, 5 for 28$

Fifty guests minimum, please.

*there is a 12% catering fee to cover non food related expenses*

*pricing does not include HST or gratuity*

*extra cooks may be required for large groups (200$/cook)*

SOme Options

braised short rib with arugula and grilled bread

fried chicken with tomato, sweet onion and bacon mayo

curry fries with coconut and cilantro chutney

vegetable fritters with green sauce

coconut braised pork with green papaya salad

crispy fried cod with tomato jam and chips

green beans with olive salsa and tuna rillettes

*this is just a sampling, there are many options